Kindergarten 1 And 2 Global Sevilla Cambridge school jakarta Explained

Global Sevilla international school has the quip that makes it favored in Jakarta. Among its complete academic level, its cambridge school jakarta is worth paying attention to. The school has five different age groups, and kindergartens 1 and 2 are among the best. It goes with how global Sevilla uses IEYC and provides the best approach for their learner.

Kindergarten 1

Kindergarten 1 or also known as TK A is the first level of the kindergarten age group. The class is made for children aged four to five years old. In this age range, students are encouraged to learn more about their abilities. It followed up on the previous nursery class, which focus on self-awareness and confidence.

Another focus on kindergarten 1 is to develop and encourage students to move for better motor development. Students got varying learning activities, which can include playing games and songs. As time goes by, the difficulty and the complexity of the activities are gradually increasing. It is meant to help students learn better and get better in six areas of learning.

Kindergarten 2

At the end of cambridge school jakarta, Global Sevilla pays attention to kindergarten 2 education for more complex skills development. This is the class for the five to six years old group age. To develop more complex skills, students are exposed to more difficult and complex problems or challenges. Games, sports, and class activities are improved.

Another note is how kindergarten 2 is a class that is close to the higher education level. Students are expected to be able in developing every six areas of learning, including mathematics, communication, motoric, creativity, social, and knowledge about their world. The said six developments are part of the IEYC or international early years curriculum core competence.

Curriculum and its approach

Even with kindergarten 1 and 2 being the highest level of cambridge school jakarta academics, Global Sevilla still implements IEYC. The curriculum emphasizes learning and developing six areas of children’s development. At the same time, the curriculum also tailors its core learning activities to fun, attractive, engaging, and practical activities.

For a school that has thorough education from nursery to high school, Global Sevilla does pay attention to every level of academics. At the preschool level, kindergarten 1 and 2 are the last group age. The school provides more emphasis on education and personal development, which is crucial for every student. That is why don’t miss the chance and pick Global Sevilla for education.