2 Bali Kitas Retirement Visa

Bali Indonesia is one of the most attractive and most comfortable places to spend a relaxing time for retirees. This tourist spot has beautiful nature, a very good tropical climate, warmth, friendliness of the locals that you need to complete a more peaceful life. Interestingly, Indonesian law has a special type of Bali Visa for citizens who are classified as elderly with the term retirement visa.

Bali Kitas Retirement Visa

The KITAS Retirement Visa is a temporary residence permit intended for applicants over 55 years of age. This visa has a validity period of up to 1 year and may be extended for up to 5 years. Next, tourists have the right to apply for a KITAP as a permanent residence permit. There is some information about the KITAP retirement visa that you should know, as follows.

1. Retirement Visa Opportunity

  • Can create a bank account
  • Temporary residence permit for 1 year
  • Change of permanent residence permit for 5 years
  • Health service discount
  • Get a license to make a SIM

2. How to Receive a Retirement Visa

How to get a Bali KITAS retirement visa type 319 is consists of 3 stages. It will take about 1.5 months.

Get an E-Visa

Visitors must prepare all the necessary documents and obtain an E-Visa type 319. The visa processing process will take about 10-14 working days. When the E-Visa is ready, the traveler will get a message on WhatsApp or will send via email.

Visa Registration

Visitors must come to the office and bring their original passport within 30 days of arrival in Bali. Or it could be 7 days after the visa was issued if the visitor was already there. The office staff will register your visa at immigration and then you will get a re-entry permit.

This process may take about 2 weeks, and visitors also have to come once at the immigration office to take photos and fingerprints.

Last step

Visitors will get their passports as well as KITAS online.

This is the information you need to know about the Bali KITAS retirement visa. For visitors who want to stay longer in Bali Indonesia and include retirement, they can apply for a KITAS retirement visa there.